Self-adhesive Materials
for the chemical

Self-adhesive Materials for the chemical industry

Brochure - chemical industry
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Most products used in the chemical industry require certification according to British Standard 5609 Section 2. To comply with this standard, an affixed, unprinted label must be able to withstand three months of immersion in seawater without separating from the substrate.

Containers with these labels can therefore be transported by sea without difficulty. Many HERMA adhesive compounds have easily passed this test and can be used for this purpose.

Additional requirements of the chemical industry:

  • Scratch-proof and tear-proof
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • UV stability
  • Weather-proof
  • Resistent to moisture, oils and greases
  • Resistant to solvents

The Solution

With its many types of adhesive, HERMA is able to offer you the right solution for even the most critical application. UV-cured acrylate hot-melt adhesives provide especially strong adhesion, even on highly curved, rough, dusty and oily surfaces.


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